The future of healthcare education

The University of Indianapolis’s vision is to unite educators and providers where the need exists and close the gap between learning and practice in a way that ultimately benefits the community. This is the future of healthcare education – solving real-world problems through a real-life learning lab.

Developed by Strategic Capital Partners, which is known for its community-minded focus and restoration projects, the UIndy Health Pavilion houses nationally respected programs in nursing, psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, gerontology, kinesiology, athletic training and social work and brings a health and wellness clinic to the UIndy community and physical therapy & rehab center to the University Heights neighborhood. Additionally, Community Health has pledged its support through future scholarships, internships, research, interdisciplinary study and the cultivation of innovative programs.

University of Indianapolis Health Pavilion

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Owner: Strategic Capital Partners

Architect: CSO Architects