Crowdsourcing at work

After selecting the building for their new office space, Aver sourced ideas from their employees and used those ideas to create their ideal office space. This is the story of how those visions came to life.

At Aver, employee experience drives the design of their space.

Bean bags promote a comfortable atmosphere for employees.

These cubby holes provide a semi-private area for employees to take a breather or break up the day at their desks.

The cutout in the wall, pictured on the left, connects this conference room to the coffee house dynamic zone. A stunning view of downtown creates a relaxed feel for employees while they are meeting.
The garden conference room is an employee favorite with various types of colorful plants decorating the walls of the space.
Employees can grab a snack or coffee while meeting in the coffee house dynamic zone.

You can often find a group of employees huddled around the office foosball table during lunch or playing a quick game before leaving for the night.

Several walls around the office have a dry-erase finish, so employees can mark up the walls with their ideas. It is also common to see drawings left by employees’ children after they come for a visit.

The dynamic zone is a collaboration space for employees, and it is connected to the coffee house area. This space has both standing and sitting desks for employees to choose from.

The office features several glass divided rooms that can be reserved for meetings, working or making phone calls. They range in size and can accommodate up to eight people.

Visitors experience what Aver is about from the moment they enter the lobby. The use of color and unique features creates a modern, industrial style that portrays their core values of innovation and simplicity.

This bright pink line graphic leads you through the office space into each unique area. As the official color of Aver’s brand, Passion Pink stands out in their industry and reflects their vibrant culture.

This logo was created with nails and string by one of Aver’s employees. It was very important to the company that the employees were very involved in the development of the new space even down to small details like this.

This grey decal on the floor mimics the plus sign in Aver’s company logo.

The photos and pieces of art displayed in this conference room were created by Aver employees. It expresses the Aver team’s personality outside of their working day and allows the office space to feel more like a home to them.

The number of employees Aver has added since they've moved to the new Huntington Building office: 15

Aver's only printer uses less than one ream of paper per month - because they work online.

Zero space is allocated to a server room because Aver works in the cloud.

The Aver team planted an avocado seed in the first weeks of opening their business. Both are still growing.

High-performing spaces

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Bringing insight to interiors

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Aver, Inc. Office Build-Out

Location: Columbus, OH

Owner: Aver, Inc.

Architect: Design Collective

Property Manager: Hines 

Photo credits: Michael A. Foley Photography