The 1060 Project

Chicago, IL

As lifelong Cubs fans, we’re honored to be part of the The 1060 Project at Wrigley Field.

During Wrigley Field's 100th anniversary year the ambitious 1060 Project began restoring this national treasure, ensuring the traditions enjoyed by millions of fans will continue for generations to come. Though only the first of this multi-phase project has been completed, you'll find some serious engineering behind the charm and game-day experience.

The restoration plan includes structural updates; improved player facilities; new signage; expanded concessions; new and improved restroom facilities and much more. The end result will be a Wrigley Field preserved for future generations.

Pepper's Self-Perform Group handled demolition, concrete, drywall and acoustical work for the first phase of The 1060 Project. On the bleachers in particular, Pepper's self-perform team virtually designed and coordinated the concrete work. The formwork for the bleachers was then prefabricated offsite. At the moment concrete was ready to be poured, the forms were delivered to the site. 

Check out a full review of current work in our Annual Review and some recent  media on the project from ENR.

Owner: Chicago Cubs Baseball Club, LLC
Architect: VOA Associates
Owner's Representative: ICON Venue Group

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