Northwest Tower Redevelopment (in Progress)

Chicago, Illinois

Built in 1929, the Northwest Tower was the first high-rise to be constructed outside of Chicago’s downtown area. After almost a century of wear and tear, the tower was in need of updates and repurposing. The new mixed-use development includes a 75-key hotel, hostel, extensive food and beverage service and restoration of the tower’s limestone façade. 

Preserving the Past

Working with historic buildings requires extensive attention to detail. That’s why Pepper will be taking special care to ensure that the building’s unique features and character stay in tact throughout its revitalization.

Adding More Space

In addition to the tower, Pepper will also restore the adjacent Hollander Building, and demolish a neighboring existing structure to replace with a two-story shell and core commercial building. Upon completion, the three structures will total 16,800 square feet.