Schlumberger Katy Products Center

Katy, Texas

Previously conducting its operations from several leased facilities in North Houston, Dyna-Drill Technologies, a subsidiary of Schlumberger, needed to consolidate their offices to a new headquarters campus. The new 17-acre site features 340,000 square feet of new office, manufacturing, laboratory, and material storage space, as well as separate commons area with full-service kitchen, dining area, fitness room, locker rooms and meeting/training spaces. All this was accomplished by leveraging BIM for above-ceiling and in-wall MEP coordination and bridge crane clash detection in the high bay area.

The Katy Products Center is located adjacent to the Schlumberger-owned PathFinder Energy Services campus, a project which PepperLawson Construction also completed.

Owner: Dyna-Drill Technologies
Architect: Kirksey Architecture

Pepper Lawson Dyna-Drill