Pepper-Lawson Waterworks is built on long-term relationships with a diverse group of the best subcontractors in our markets. Recently, we developed a Subcontractor Prequalification process to enhance these relationships. Now all Pepper-Lawson Waterworks subcontractors (new and those who have previously worked with us) are required to have a current copy of the Prequalification form on file as a precondition to new subcontractor awards. In addition, Subcontractor Prequalification increases the opportunity for subcontractors to work with us on future projects.

1A. For new firms click here to download form: Subcontractor Form

1B. For firms that have previously worked with Pepper-Lawson Waterworks click here to download form: Previous Subcontractor Form

2. Click here to download form: Attachment A - Insurance and Indemnification Requirements

3. Click here to download form: W-9

Please submit completed forms and associated backup or by fax 1-866-265-6220

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