We're not afraid to ask the right questions.

More and more companies are embracing new ways of thinking about their environment. We help them solve real-world problems by asking the right questions.

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Can modern engineering preserve a century of tradition?

Restoration of historic Wrigley Field began last year, ensuring the traditions enjoyed by millions of fans will continue for generations.

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What if construction technology could enable better patient care?

In response to changes in healthcare delivery, hospitals across the country are re-examining how their facilities serve patient needs.

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What if digital experiences could activate brand loyalty?

Under Armour is always looking to empower athletes. Now they're looking to transform shopping by delivering an interactive experience like no other.

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What if a building could bridge students and the community?

In addition to a new building, the University of Indianapolis is constructing a new model for the future of collaborative education.

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Can businesses thrive in an artistic environment?

Given The Pizzuti Companies' commitment to the arts, it was only fitting that their new offices reflect a creative, mixed-use development designed to offer a unique experience.

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How does our future impact you?

We reflect on the successes from this past year with an eye toward what's next. Our sole focus is to deliver the best results for our clients, by aligning our expertise with their ever-changing needs.

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