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Paying it forward

October 23, 2015At Pepper

Pepper partnered with RATIO Architects to host a Starfish Initiative Workplace Encounter. Through the program, we work with 21st Century Scholars to prepare them for college and their careers.

3 building components that impact performance

October 21, 2015Insights

Developers are driven by return on investment, balancing costs that keep lease rates low with features that attract the best tenants. At Pepper, we’re evaluating different materials and methods to help our clients make informed decisions that give them a competitive edge.

What is high performance?

October 19, 2015Insights

Pepper Construction has long embraced green building values and practices. Sustainability is much more than the activities we implement during one project. It's about how the building performs after we're gone and how the building impacts human performance.

A new company comes to Short North

October 16, 2015At Pepper

We've enjoyed working in the Short North arts district where every tenant has a unique story and different needs. Klarna's agile work environment is on trend with culture in which it is located.

At Pepper...

October 2, 2015At Pepper

What do the MILA project in downtown Chicago and this blog have in common? They're significant milestones. We're proud to be part of important projects, like MILA, and we're excited to launch this new blog that shares more about what we're doing.

Bringing new ideas to jobsite safety

October 2, 2015Insights

What makes people work safely? What makes them take risks that compromise their safety? Over the past couple of years, Pepper has been asking these questions, and in the process, we've learned a lot about how our actions and inactions impact others' decisions to be safe.

Building a close encounter

January 22, 2015Case Studies

Lincoln Park Zoo's state-of-the-art home for snow monkeys, the Regenstein Macaque Forest, replicates the animals’ Japanese natural, forested, mountainside habitat and provides a close-up view for visitors. It took careful planning and and quality control measures to make it happen.

Executing with precision

November 23, 2014Case Studies

When the first two phases to renovate half of Purdue University’s Harrison Residence Hall restrooms resulted in significant design changes and project delays, the University changed the delivery method for the third phase from design-bid-build to design-build. And they hired Pepper to gut and remodel the other half of restrooms over one summer.

Virtual BIM simulations facilitate decision-making

June 1, 2014Case Studies

When physicians at IU Health Methodist Hospital where having a hard time visualizing how the new hybrid operating rooms should be designed, the Pepper team built a 3D model and animated it to walk through each step of the surgical procedures, ultimately resulting in decisions that moved the project forward.