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10 organizations and events making a difference in Ohio

August 10, 2017At Pepper

Community involvement is a part of our culture at Pepper Ohio. Here are some with which we've been involved.

Transformational leadership through lean principles

August 1, 2017At Pepper

In Indiana, Heather Siemers has a vision for lean thinking that goes beyond our projects.

How collaborating with our trade partners leads to better solutions

July 18, 2017At Pepper

In Indiana, each year we award a Quality Concept of the Year. This year's winning idea is a temporary lighting solution that was suggested by Miller Eads.

10 milestones that mark the evolution of industrial construction

July 10, 2017At Pepper

This month, we celebrate 7 milestones and 3 trends that are driving progress in the construction of logistics buildings.

Partnering with JA to change the odds

June 29, 2017At Pepper

The annual Casino Night benefiting JA of Central Ohio will support more than 2,600 students. Here's what we've learned over the past 8 years hosting the event.

Raising the bar in safety communication

June 19, 2017Insights

Rolls Royce's one million-square-foot renovation in Indianapolis spans two buildings divided by a highway, exposing the limitations of traditional methods for critical group and broadcast communications like safety alerts. We found the answer in a new technology.

10 more places to see in Columbus and Cincinnati

June 14, 2017At Pepper

Aside from the nationally-recognized destinations, here are 10 more places to see in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thinking about our resilient future

June 9, 2017Insights

How do our cities respond to aging infrastructure, crime and extreme weather? Here are some resilient strategies that we can influence as a contractor.

Celebrating innovative ideas from our trade partners

June 5, 2017At Pepper

Different delivery methods and new technology have enabled our trades partners to contribute at a higher level today.