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Changing the image of construction for women

March 14, 2017Insights

Celebrating women in construction - Women offer a diverse perspective from which everyone can benefit. Our women offer advice to others considering a career in construction.

10 trends that are changing the workplace environment

March 9, 2017At Pepper

While each space is a unique reflection of the company and the people they employ, we have seen 10 trends emerge that have re-defined today’s workplace.

What the appearance of your jobsite says about your project

March 8, 2017Insights

A messy and unorganized jobsite can leave a negative impression and indicate additional issues on your project. A clean, lean site means a cleaner, healthier space at turnover.

Introducing curious young minds to construction

March 7, 2017At Pepper

Does Minecraft relate to construction? The District 155 Girls in Engineering Math & Science Conference allowed young minds to explore how digital worlds come to life through construction.

Making lean construction personal

March 6, 2017Insights

Owners always expect a quality project, whether they explicitly say it or not. Lean construction is an effective approach to achieving quality.

The changing image of construction – diversity & inclusion

March 2, 2017Insights

Diverse points of view improve outcomes. Learn how a culture of inclusion is critical for our projects, communities and our industry.

How technology enables a lean approach to construction

February 28, 2017Insights

While some struggle to understand lean principles, they use technology every day. Could technology be the key to more widespread use of lean?

VR/AR/MR explained. What’s right for your project?

February 23, 2017Insights

Our use of 3D has positioned the AEC industry to be one of the first to adopt VR. Learn more about this technology and what's right for your project.

Can contractors truly make a difference? Yes we can!

February 20, 2017Insights

Contractors who are aware of environmental impacts have the opportunity to impact our projects and our industry. Learn how.