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10 shops found at JA BizTown® in central Ohio

April 12, 2017At Pepper

JA BizTown connects classroom curriculum to the real world through a day-long simulation featuring central Ohio businesses. Here's how it works.

The changing image of sustainability

April 11, 2017Insights

We’ve come a long way since the green building movement started. Now we’re starting a new conversation about planning for a brighter future - called resiliency.

A legacy of raising the bar

April 4, 2017Insights

Over our 90-year history, we've continued to raise the bar. Whether incremental or monumental, our success is from ideas that better serve our clients - and we're working on more.

Look who visited our project: SAM!

March 30, 2017At Pepper

The Purdue Flex Lab project team is working with SAM, one of the newest automation technology drivers for our industry.

Making a difference in our world

March 27, 2017At Pepper

This past weekend we celebrated Earth Hour, the highest international participation to date.

What is an IOSHA partnership?

March 23, 2017At Pepper

Pepper Indiana partnered with the Indiana Department of Labor to sign an IOSHA partnership for the Community Hospital East Campus Redevelopment. So what does that mean?

Streamlining environmental and demolition work

March 15, 2017Insights

The worst consequence of unplanned environmental work is the exposure to harmful materials. Learn how to protect your people and prevent delays and unexpected costs.

Changing the image of construction for women

March 14, 2017Insights

Celebrating women in construction - Women offer a diverse perspective from which everyone can benefit. Our women offer advice to others considering a career in construction.

10 trends that are changing the workplace environment

March 9, 2017At Pepper

While each space is a unique reflection of the company and the people they employ, we have seen 10 trends emerge that have re-defined today’s workplace.