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Happy Holidays 2016

December 21, 2016At Pepper

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Pepper Construction!

10 of the best Ohio sports moments from the past 10 years

December 14, 2016At Pepper

Ohio is home to a range of sporting teams and venues. Here's the list of our top 10 Ohio sports moments from the past decade.

Eating on the job

December 5, 2016At Pepper

Autodesk's BIM 360 Food Truck made a special lunchtime visit to one of Pepper's project sites in downtown Chicago.

Helping a veteran find a way back home

November 30, 2016At Pepper

Veterans make up roughly 11 percent of the homeless population. This year, Pepper contributed to the effort of helping one veteran find a home.

At the intersection of safety, quality and productivity

November 29, 2016Insights

Learn how our new hire orientation is helping workers make decisions that lead to better, safer and more efficient results.

The heart of a vision

November 23, 2016At Pepper

Last month, the Nanovic family, staff and students expressed gratitude to our tradespeople in a neat way. We were touched by their generosity and appreciative of their vision.

From silo-ed to integrated

November 10, 2016Insights

While we are working more collaboratively with industry partners, the departments within our companies continue to operate in silos. Learn how Pepper is blurring the lines within our organization to deliver more integrated solutions.

10 technologies that will change how we build in the next decade

November 9, 2016At Pepper

Technology is part of everything we do. It is improving our buildings and how we build them. These 10 technologies will continue to transform construction in the next decade.

You’ve got a building, I’ve got a model; Let’s talk

November 3, 2016Insights

The benefits of BIM can extend past project completion and into the building's lifecycle. Learn how to start optimizing your model for operations.