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Technology-enabled collaboration during preconstruction

October 27, 2016Insights

When an owner is looking for a team that will work together to solve project challenges, what does that look like? Learn 5 ways technology can help.

Meet David Huston

October 19, 2016At Pepper

As we celebrate our first 10 years in Ohio, we also want to celebrate the accomplishments of some of the people who have helped us get to where we are today. Meet Project Executive David Huston.

A historic renovation brings a new retail concept to life in a Chicago landmark

October 18, 2016Case Studies

With merchandise and a design aesthetic that makes a statement, Restoration Hardware wanted to find a Chicago space that would provide a retail "experience" worthy of its brand. Welcome to RH Chicago – The Gallery at the Three Arts Club.

8 residential high rise building systems to analyze for cost savings

October 13, 2016Insights

Analyzing these leading indicators will turn your theoretical budget for a residential high rise construction project into your actual budget.

Balancing act - how our subcontracting community views technology

October 11, 2016Insights

Even though building information modeling (BIM) has been around for 20 years, our industry is still figuring out how to best leverage this tool. How are subcontractors adopting new technology and what is holding them back?

Celebrating our first decade in Ohio

October 10, 2016At Pepper

This year, Pepper Ohio completed its 10th year in business and we’re kicking off a celebration of all things Ohio, starting with President Paul Francois introducing our journey so far. Join us each month for our take on the top 10 moments, memories and trends about our home and industry.

7 considerations for making high rise residential construction predictable

October 6, 2016Insights

High-rise apartments are a risky investment – from securing financing to the time it takes to build. With so much at stake, how can you get the most out of your construction team and ensure you receive the right guidance for your project?

Eat, sleep, breathe… hack

September 27, 2016Insights

A hackathon is an unexpected event for an industry perceived to be behind in technology. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the 2016 AEC Hackathon in Chicago.

5 actions to make your home healthier

September 20, 2016Insights

What if we approached the health of our buildings in the same way that we approach our bodies, where instead of treating sick buildings, we focus on keeping them well? Read some quick and easy changes you can make in your own home today.