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The case for estimating self-perform concrete work in 3D

February 7, 2017Insights

Learn how strategic staffing decisions and 3D BIM technology have enhanced Pepper's concrete operations and benefited our projects.

The changing image of construction – technology’s influence

January 24, 2017Insights

How has technology changed construction? Jake Pepper discusses how it's becoming a business driver. 

A call to action for construction

January 19, 2017Insights

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we asked each of our services leaders how they would challenge our industry to improve in 2017.

Meet Todd Robertson

January 18, 2017At Pepper

As we celebrate our first 10 years in Ohio, we also want to recognize the accomplishments of some of our people who are leading us into the future. Meet Director of Business Development Todd Robertson.

10 of Pepper Ohio’s proudest moments

January 11, 2017At Pepper

In this new year, we reflect on the past decade and the milestones that helped shape Pepper Ohio.

Tips for trying tech toys today

January 4, 2017At Pepper

Want to introduce new technology into your projects in 2017? Read about what is coming up in 2017 and how to get started.

Happy Holidays 2016

December 21, 2016At Pepper

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Pepper Construction!

10 of the best Ohio sports moments from the past 10 years

December 14, 2016At Pepper

Ohio is home to a range of sporting teams and venues. Here's the list of our top 10 Ohio sports moments from the past decade.

Eating on the job

December 5, 2016At Pepper

Autodesk's BIM 360 Food Truck made a special lunchtime visit to one of Pepper's project sites in downtown Chicago.