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BookBuilder lets you create a customized, downloadable PDF from information on our site. Right now, downloadable content includes market overviews, projects, blog post articles, news releases and stories.

  • Click the bookmark button anytime you want to add content to BookBuilder.
    • To add a story, open and select each Part you want to include.
    • To add a news release, open the news release to click on the bookmark button.
  • The text on the Cover Page may be personalized.
  • A Table of Contents will be created automatically based on the order in which the content was selected.
  • When you are ready to send your book, you may rearrange content here, in the BookBuilder Composer, by clicking and dragging the thumbnails. Click the "Save Order" button when you're done.
  • Choose to download or email a copy. Note: the document may take a few minutes to process.
    • To e-mail a copy of BookBuilder to yourself or someone else, click the "Email Book" button. Fill out the Title, Subtitle, and recipient Email fields and click the "Send Email" button.
    • To download a copy of BookBuilder, click the "Download Book" button, fill out the Title and Subtitle fields, and click the "Start Download" button.
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