College of DuPage Campus Maintenance Center

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Replacing a building more than 40 years old, the College of DuPage needed to create a new Campus Maintenance Center that could accommodate a modernized operations department while staying true to their commitment to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency. The new facility features housing for 17 small and 11 large vehicles, space for vehicle maintenance, workshops, a signage shop, custodial space, offices and a conference room — all with the goal of net zero energy consumption. The space is certified LEED Gold due to high-performance, energy-efficient features and innovative construction techniques.

Committment to Recycling

As part of the LEED Gold standards, more than 68 percent of materials used to construct the CMC were extracted and manufactured within 500 miles of the campus. In addition, 81 percent of the construction waste was recycled.

Favoring Existing Conditions

A new building doesn't always mean new materials. Features of the facility include the reuse of more than 23 percent of the existing walls, flooring and roof in the renovation.

Reduction in Energy & Water

The building design reduces energy use and domestic water use drastically, including a clerestory around the vehicle storage and shop areas to reduce electricity usage, high efficiency water fixtures, controllable lighting and thermal comfort systems, and white reflective roof and non-roof areas to reduce the heat island effect.

Owner: College of DuPage
Architect: Legat Architects

This demonstrates our commitment to being energy efficient and environmentally responsible. It is especially gratifying that our Campus Maintenance Center earned Gold certification, considering that part of our Operations department was previously located in one of the College’s ‘temporary’ structures that were built more than 40 years ago, long before modern green technology was developed.

—Dr. Robert L. Breuder
President, College of DuPage