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Science + Technology

The Science + Technology industry is defining the future through discovery, innovation and improving lives - and Pepper shares that vision of seeing tomorrow transformed. Our team understands the impact the built environment has on research and the importance of building safety, quality and sustainability into all aspects of what we do. We also know that this type of work is constantly evolving. That’s why our approach brings viable solutions for today’s needs, while also considering the flexibility needed to support the growth of teams and the evolution of research. Our Science + Technology portfolio work can be divided into two primary segments: Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. 
While we provide the construction services and programs that are expected, our clients also appreciate our specialized expertise to incorporate the technical requirements and sensitivities of different lab spaces, clean rooms and production facilities, in accordance with the commissioning process. Unique to Pepper is our in-house Integrated Construction Services (ICS) team, which adds value through speed-to-market solutions, detailed design-phase quality review, building energy usage analysis, and 3D MEP coordination that starts underground, as well as other industry-leading services. Our reputation for performance is supported by a long history of building relationships with some of the top companies and organizations that are introducing advancements.