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For 90 years, the Pepper name has been synonymous with quality. While some of the tools and techniques have changed, what hasn’t is our attention to the details, which starts with the right expertise. Our dedicated in-house quality team, resources and robust quality management program will ensure you receive the end product you expect.

From preconstruction through post-construction, our quality experts work hand-in-hand with the project team to review the designs, plan the installation, verify the work in place and then follow up on any deficiencies should they arise. The result: a re-work rate well below industry average.

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Culture of quality

Our quality program is more comprehensive than what happens on our projects. We track our performance across all jobs and regularly share lessons learned and innovative quality concepts with all our teams to ensure mistakes only happen once and good ideas are repeated.
You'll also see us having fun in the process - celebrating our successes and recognizing our teams for forward-thinking, craftsmanship and hard work.

A comprehensive quality management program

You can depend on Pepper for your most complex installations because we are committed to the right way. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

  • Building performance - We're committed to delivering a building that performs as it was designed. If it doesn’t, we want to help make it right.
  • Competency - We engage consultants, but we don't rely on them alone. We want to have the answers too.
  • Accountability - You'll see us onsite, walking the job and auditing the accuracy of the installations.
  • Teamwork - Our quality staff, project management, field supervision and technical services work together as one team
  • Accuracy - Expect us to dig into the design, often in the model, to look for constructability issues and gaps in how the systems come together. We want to resolve issues before construction.
  • Coordination - We hold pre-installation meetings that include everyone involved in the installation, the engineers and even the manufacturer, to discuss how systems will be installed per the design and manufacturer's specifications.
  • Extra measures - Sometimes we will build a mockup and then de-construct it. It's a great problem-solving tool, and we also consider it practice to ensure everyone knows the proper installation.