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Welcome to tomorrow transformed: our commitment and our responsibility

At Pepper we see a world where our families and colleagues live and work in a built environment thriving in harmony with the natural world. Where economic opportunity is inclusive, and every person has shelter and equal access. As part of our Tomorrow TransformedSM commitment, we are raising the stakes on our civic and social responsibility to include caring for our planet.

Our vision is a world in which buildings generate more energy than they consume. A workplace ecosystem that celebrates diversity, enhances human productivity and delivers restorative health benefits to its occupants. A community that benefits from the built world rather than one that is degraded by harmful chemicals used to construct, insulate and power structures. We have a responsibility to elevate the conversation and drive action.

Pepper Construction’s mission begins with its people and our clients, advancing the climate conversation from “green building initiatives” to a more audacious goal of improving our overall quality of life. 

What drives us

Tomorrow Transformed rests on three actionable and attainable leadership promises. Through Empathy, Technology and our dedication to High Performance construction strategies, Pepper is driving innovation and steering the conversation to ensure every project we build and every person on our team has an opportunity to be part of transforming tomorrow. We intend to be good stewards of our clients’ vision and our communities’ well-being, while serving as loyal stewards of our global environment.



We don’t just listen to our client’s objectives, we walk the path forward with them to understand obstacles, discover equitable opportunities, share our expertise, and align their aspirations with their ability to design and build a structure that works in harmony with their people and the environment.



Technology can help us outpace the impossible, without over-reaching our client’s budget. We have been investing in advanced technology to provide insight on productivity, to measure energy efficiency and see beyond the surface of things to prove assumptions.


High Performance

A high performing building will maximize human performance, optimize operational efficiency and minimize the harmful or invasive impact of the structure in our communities. We work with clients to build smarter and cleaner, with an approach our clients can sustain.

Our Promise in Action, for our Projects, our Clients and our Planet

What differentiates Pepper as a leader in High Performance & Sustainability is our commitment to present realistic and scalable solutions that are cost-efficient and deliver the right return on investment for our clients and for our communities. In 2019, Pepper made carbon drawdown a priority and intends to catalyze the industry to build cleaner, smarter and healthier. All Pepper project teams will present scalable solutions to help every client project improve their carbon footprint and enhance quality of life in our built environments:



We will provide options for alternate insulation products that will increase R-values without impacting the depth of the building’s envelope, and we will also outline the potential energy cost savings for each.



A ban on these common refrigerants will go into effect in 2025, so we are raising awareness of next-generation refrigerants that are more environmentally friendly and will be compatible with the future mechanical systems that will soon be required.


Water Savings

Many of our surrounding communities are already experiencing water shortages and planning for water scarcity as our population grows. We will provide low-flow / flush rates for your project’s domestic water use and show you the potential gallons that can be saved. In addition, we will show how much rainwater your project can collect to further drive down your water use.


Solar Rooftop

Keeping it clean. By 2035, over half of the energy that feeds our utility grid will be from renewable energy resources. We will look at your project’s solar potential and provide you with a layout and an estimate that capitalizes on the applicable incentives.



Concrete is the largest source of embodied carbon in buildings and using carbon dioxide (CO2) infused concrete can have a huge impact. For each Pepper project, we calculate the exact amount of carbon reduced by using CO2 infused concrete. These specialized mixes offer the largest Drawdown opportunity to reduce a building’s overall carbon footprint.  
Our Promise In Action

For our projects

Pepper is committed to re-engineering the process by which we build to yield structures that result in the highest performing buildings. Acting on this commitment benefits our owners, occupants and the environment. We recommend five operational carbon reduction strategies to every client we serve, demonstrating the benefits gained and costs saved. Those strategies include solar energy, refrigerants, insulation, concrete and water savings. An average building that implements these strategies avoids emitting 2,500 tons of CO2 annually.

Our Promise In Action

For our facilities

In each facility for which we control our utility operations, Pepper is implementing strategies to reduce our Energy Use, Water Use and increase our overall recycling rates. We continuously track each of our facilities’ utilities and use this information to find ways to further drive down our utility demands while maintaining healthy and comfortable working environments.

Our Promise In Action

For our jobsites

In addition to operational carbon, Pepper is reducing CO₂ created during the manufacturing of building materials (material extraction, transport to manufacturer, manufacturing), the transport of those materials to the job site and in our construction practices and the eventual demolition of the building and transporting and recycling that waste. By tracking every material at a granular level, we can minimize emissions at every step.

We are transforming tomorrow, today.

Sustaining the health and wellness of our world has never been so urgent - or so attainable.

Our commitment to our community and our drive to lead through innovation is embedded in our history, our culture and our daily operations. As proven experts in high performance and sustainable building, we believe it is our responsibility to share our knowledge and catalyze the industry to build cleaner, smarter and healthier on behalf of our planet. This is the promise of tomorrow transformed.