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Union Station Burlington Room: Rediscovering the forgotten

The Burlington Room inside Union Station was damaged, covered up and used for offices and storage. Its purpose and features were lost behind an acoustical ceiling and panel walls - until Amtrak recognized the opportunity to restore history and bring new life to Union Station. This is the story of what it once was and what it is today. 


Lean and Learning in the Library

William Rainey Harper Community College was originally established through a referendum. Fifty years later, the college was faced with a more competitive landscape and aging facilities, and through another referendum, they had the opportunity to make some needed upgrades. The Building F Library Renovation was long-awaited, and when it received the last of the referendum funds, the administrative staff could not be more excited. As such, the wish list was long, while the budget remained fixed.


Creating a sustainable home for Chicago Children's Theatre

It's been called a "story of redemption" – a transformation from a facility designed to contain, to one that creates opportunity for expression. For those that worked on the Chicago Children's Theatre project, it's also a story of teamwork and sustainability. Of how collaborating as a team to optimize the building's performance resulted in achieving LEED Gold certification after originally setting out to achieve LEED Silver – and at no additional cost.


Reflections from Marshall Field's 13th floor carpentry studio

Pepper's story would not be the same without our very first and longest enduring relationship: Marshall Field's. The department store now operates as Macy's on State Street, but the Midwest flagship remains forever tied to its Chicago heritage. Through our 90-year history, we restored and worked around its many recognizable features, creating our own set of memories along the way.