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As a relationship-based contractor, Pepper has always made quality, productivity and collaboration a fundamental part of our projects, so lean construction is a natural fit with how we work. We believe the principles of lean construction and their emphasis on planning bring value to our work so we find ways to apply them regardless of job requirements. 
Our desire for continuous improvement for ourselves and for our projects requires a culture of transparency and an openness to new ideas, both inside and outside of the company. Our teams are encouraged to be resourceful - to understand the reasons why and ask, “What else?” and “What's next.” Because there's always a better way, and we want to find it.
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Our lean construction process

We start with the purpose of lean construction: maximizing value and minimizing waste, so our lean process begins with a simple conversation focused on the client, where we’ll talk about your goals and expectations.
Then, we select the tools and solutions based on your defined value and the needs of your project. For some projects, we use most of the lean tools, while others are better suited for just a few. We also apply the principals in different ways based on the commitment level of our different partners. Once the strategy is established, we develop the lean plan, tailored to your project and your definition of value.

Lean for our clients

The outcome of lean construction is an optimized schedule and budget. We’ve also found improved communication and workflows make a difference in the jobsite environment. For example, you can walk into a Pepper trailer and know how the project is tracking based on the schedule posted on the wall.
You’ll have plenty of notice for any activities that could impact operations because we’re looking ahead – and presenting issues with solutions. Finally, trade contractor change orders and finger-pointing disappear and response times diminish because everyone on the project understands that we are one team.