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When Pepper started using Predictive Solutions' safety audit system, we were among only a few contractors nationwide to direct the industry toward leading indicators instead of trailing metrics. For more than a decade, we've been capturing both safe and unsafe conditions and behaviors on our jobsites to prevent incidents and improve performance. Our motivation is more than an obligation; it's a genuine concern for the well-being of each other.

While we've made great strides, we continue to push ourselves and our industry forward because one incident is too many. We're inspired to educate and promote a culture where people make safety their first priority. Every time. Thus, the essence of our safety program goes deeper than the rules and metrics that govern our industry. It's about creating an environment that encourages and rewards the decision to be safe. We're on a mission to make safety personal.


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Safety planning

We see how safety is closely tied to quality and productivity, and therefore, our safety plan is not mutually exclusive of other activities. Instead, we integrate safety into the entire project planning process and incorporate it into the 3D model whenever possible. While our program is comprehensive, we make our plans simple and straightforward. And then we empower all employees and visitors to speak up.
Pepper's safety program is established on the principles of leadership, planning, engagement and measurement - to promote safety excellence and rectify negative trends before events occur. When working in occupied and critical spaces, our project-specific plans cover public protection, site cleanliness, interim life safety and infection control, in addition to jobsite safety measures.


Your role in safety

Some consider safety a jobsite activity that is the sole responsibility of those installing the work, but at Pepper, we see safety differently. We want all team members, including our clients, to partner with us because we experience the best outcomes when you are engaged in the process. We invite you to walk the job with us, share your ideas, ask questions and hold us accountable.