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Pepper is committed to being a good steward of our environment regardless of project requirements. That’s why we’ve broadened our focus on sustainability to include the performance of your space and how it influences the performance of your people.
Whether you’re interested in life cycle costs and energy modeling, incorporating a few sustainable features or following the Living Building Challenge, we have the experience to help you meet your goals.
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Our path to high performance

Our green building program started by providing traditional construction services: documentation, waste management and recycling. We were one of the first in the industry and one of the best. Over the years, we added other services to help our clients make informed decisions, like return on investment analysis. We expanded our platforms to national organizations and publications and tapped our in-house MEP expertise to offer building energy services. Since then, sustainability has become mainstream.
Today, our high performance and sustainability program is designed to address the life of the building and the lives of those who occupy it. We’re focused on helping you from programming through post-construction and in between projects. And we’re shifting the conversation to activities that contribute to a healthy future - like life cycle cost analysis, healthy materials and resiliency planning. While these services are unique among our peers, clients also tap our expertise in between projects to measure building performance and recommend improvements. Click here to read our Environmental Statement.

Evaluating building Performance

People spend about 90% of their time indoors. From building materials to the amount of available light, at Pepper, we see every project as an opportunity to improve our environment. That’s why we’ve combined best practices from architecture, construction and the bio-sciences to create a Building Performance Tool, which can analyze the ROI of design and constructability approaches in the blink of an eye, empowering you to make the best decision today, for a healthier tomorrow. 

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Life cycle cost analysis

Whether you're seeking a specific rating - Energy Star, LEED, Living Building Challenge or Well Building Standard - or you just want an efficient space, we can help you understand how to make your investment pay off. As our preconstruction team breaks down the cost of construction, our high performance team analyzes where you will spend your money in operations to help you see the whole picture. We can do this with the first estimate. Further, we tie the costs to the 3D model to give you a visual image of what it means to the space.

Nothing Hits the Floor

Often associated with higher quality, safer working environments and lean principles, our Nothing Hits the Floor program also promotes a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. During construction, it minimizes the amount of material that is stored, stacked and piled on your site, which gives everyone more room to work efficiently and limits exposure to the chemicals found in materials. For you, a cleaner project under construction means a cleaner project at turnover.

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Renewable Energy

For additional information about renewable energy at Pepper, please contact Kevin Connolly, Pepper Energy's Director of Operations, at