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When WaterSaver wanted to centralize operations to one location, they looked to Pepper to build a three-story, 45,000-square-foot office addition and renovate 80,000 square feet of their existing manufacturing facility. The new complex features several green building systems, including a high-performance envelope, white roof, low-volume plumbing fixtures, recycled materials and high-performance mechanical systems. The new facility is certified LEED Gold.  

The primary objective of the WaterSaver Faucet Company project was to keep factory operations fully online during the renovation and retooling of its existing manufacturing facility, as well as construction of the new building addition adjacent to the factory. While WaterSaver initially projected that the recession would lower product demand, making the factory renovation easier to complete for both Pepper and WaterSaver, sales and output continued to expand throughout the project. The team approached the project from the perspective of a stakeholder, not just a hired hand, and worked closely with WaterSaver to understand their operations. To ensure WaterSaver was able to maintain output and productivity levels, the team developed a detailed plan for a sequentially phased renovation that was continuously updated during the project to accommodate ongoing changes to the design, factory operations and manufacturing work flows. The factory was kept fully operational in a safe and efficient manner from start to finish.

WaterSaver Faucet Company
Epstein, SKJN Architekten Corp.
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Chicago, Illinois
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