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Pepper’s approach starts internally with our culture. It is exhibited on our job sites and extends beyond our projects to developing trusted partnerships with our clients, designers and trade contractors. Our objective is to establish an environment that encourages transparency, open communication and collaboration, where everyone on the team is each other’s advocate. We do this by involving the right people and listening to each others' ideas.  

When it comes to your project, our services are delivered under one plan, one model and one integrated team. Why? Over the years, we have learned that success depends not only on the services we offer but also in how they are delivered. We want to provide you with solutions that go beyond single projects to lifecycle and total-cost-of-ownership analysis, productivity planning, better safety performance and high performing buildings.

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Team structure

Gone are the days of the estimating department delivering an estimate on their own. Now, quality, safety, virtual design and construction, MEP assist and high performance groups of specialists are key contributors in developing the best budgets. That’s why we’ve re-engineered how we provide preconstruction and construction services. Our team of specialists work alongside our project management and site supervision teams and often work directly with our clients, designers and trade partners.

Project leaders are dedicated full-time for the duration of the project to provide a single point of contact and continuity from beginning to end. The durations for all other team member are based on the needs of the project. When choosing your team, along with availability, we also consider expertise, skill sets and compatible personalities.

Delivery methods

Our team structure optimizes our approach no matter the delivery method:

  • Agency construction manager
  • Construction manager at-risk
  • Construction manager as constructor (CMc)
  • Design-assist
  • Design-build
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Lump sum bid

Onsite team meeting