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The project is located in proximity to the Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories district on the West Lafayette campus. It includes a new research lab of approximately 54,500 gross square feet (38,760 assignable square feet) capable of housing the High Speed Propulsion Lab (ZL9) and a replacement of the existing High Pressure Air Plant (HPAP). The new facility will bring both spaces under one roof.

The proposed ZL9 lab will include five reinforced concrete test cells with associated laser labs, control rooms, workshop assembly spaces and a machine shop. Construction of the test cell portion includes the associated facility piping, valves, pressure vessels, liquid jet fuel tanks, pumps, high-pressure storage vessels and instrumentation. Specialized hot air piping will be required and will need to deliver air at 1,500 degrees fahrenheit and 800 psi. The new compressed air plant will be capable of producing 2,200 psi air at 5lbm/second.

Purdue University
Architect of Record
Mussett, Nicholas + Associates, Inc.
Project Location
West Lafayette, Indiana
54,500 SF