Lean Construction

What does it mean to be lean? For most people, tools like pull planning and prefabrication are often first to come to mind, but at Pepper, we always start with the purpose of lean construction: maximizing value and minimizing waste. We select the tools we will use based on the defined value and the needs of each project. For some projects, we use most of the lean tools, while others are better suited for just a few.

Though Pepper has always made quality, productivity and collaboration a fundamental part of our projects, we're not quick to adopt trends for the sake of it. We develop programs that we can apply enthusiastically to our projects because there is tangible benefit for our clients. So our journey to incorporate the lean principles is a story of education, exploration and self awareness. And it continues today. Perhaps the most successful aspect has been our desire for continuous improvement, not just for ourselves but for our projects. It keeps us asking, "What else," and "What's next?" There's always a better way, and we want to find it. It's just who we are.

Pepper has celebrated some great successes, with clients like Hanzo Logistics, Palos Community Hospital and Monmouth College, to name a few. And as proud members of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Communities of Practice (CoP), we are excited to share with our communities what we've learned and to learn from others.