OSF Healthcare System Data Center

Peoria, Illinois

When OSF Healthcare wanted to build a new 87,000 square-foot office building, they also needed a data center to support their growing operations. The 10,000 square-foot, Tier 2 data center located within OSF's new Peoria, IL office building houses core routing, switching and storage of electronic material.

Peace of Mind

The data center portion was completed in a fast-track phase before the completion of the office building portion, ensuring that OSF could utilize the data center facilities as soon as possible.

Room to Grow

The office building and data center portion were designed with OSF's future in mind. Both are built to accomodate a future expansion that could double the original size.

Services Used
Owner: OSF Healthcare System
Architect: PSA-Dewberry, Inc.
Joint Venture Partner: Mangieri Companies, Inc.