Purdue University Center for High Performance Buildings

West Lafayette, Indiana

Designed to simulate a real-world research environment, Purdue University’s state-of-the-art Center for High Performance Buildings provides the technology necessary for high-quality research and the flexibility needed to evaluate energy performance of new building systems and concepts. An expansion of the university’s Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, the 68,000-square-foot building features “living laboratories,” and is segmented into three parts to facilitate vibration, electromechanical systems, perception-based engineering and thermal research. The new facility is Purdue’s second mechanical engineering building designed to meet LEED Gold certification standards. 


Living Laboratory

A special feature is the "living laboratory," a working office wing designed with replaceable modular elements including windows; a reconfigurable air distribution and lighting system; and instrumentation to monitor and assess the environment within the offices and its impact on occupants. This will allow researchers to test and validate new systems and concepts within a real-world setting to evaluate energy performance and occupant response.

Services Used
Owner: Purdue University
Architectural Engineering and Architects: Affiliated Engineers, Inc. and Flad Architects
General Contractor: Kettelhut Construction

Our aim is to create buildings that are better for the environment, more comfortable and healthier for people. These improvements will lead to buildings that positively impact the health and productivity of occupants.

—Leah Jamieson
John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering, Purdue University