Quality Assurance

Pepper is passionate about raising the level of quality. We lead training for our industry and are involved in discussions with industry peer groups. We also track quality metrics on all of our projects so we know how we're doing and where we can improve, which allows us to identify trends and target the most critical areas.

We calculate the cost of quality and break it down to individual work items, which can then be addressed in pre-installation meetings. Our approach brings measurement to the front of the process, allowing us to quickly identify and prevent issues. While the rest of the industry is looking at lagging indicators, we're analyzing leading indicators.

Every construction company talks about building a quality project, but few dedicate the necessary resources or put in place a robust quality assurance program to ensure it happens. Pepper has full-time quality management staff to assist our teams with quality plans, coordination and inspections. We use the latest technology to monitor and inspect our projects, and we hold several certifications.  

Our quality program is designed to provide checks and balances throughout the project, through a series of checklists and tools that our teams can use, to deliver a quality facility under a warranty that works. It includes the following components:

  • Job Specific Quality Plan (JSQP)
  • Training
  • Pre-installation meetings
  • Trade item checklists
  • Mockups
  • Job quality audits
  • Pre-punch lists
  • Quality concepts and awards

Unique to Pepper, is our Pepper Builds App, which was originally developed for quality and has since been broadened to include more of our construction services. The goal is to make information readily accessible in the field, where and when the work is installed. So when someone has a question, instead of waiting on an answer to perform the work or proceeding without the right information, they can look it up right there. It's another way we help everyone on our projects perform at their best.

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