Annual Review 2019
  • Project Name KIPP Indy Legacy High
  • Location Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Owner KIPP Indy Public Schools
  • Owner's Rep IFF and Compass Construction
  • Architect Halstead Architects

Every child should have the opportunity for a quality education, regardless of where they live. That was the idea that brought KIPP Indy to the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood more than a decade ago – and the motivation behind their new high school.

KIPP video

KIPP Indy is a local, public charter school that serves students in surrounding neighborhoods from kindergarten up through 12th grade. What makes their program so unique is the autonomy that exists between the school and the neighborhood, which allows them to offer the arts, athletics and additional extra-curricular programs that are being cut from other schools.

“KIPP Indy Legacy High was a grass roots decision informed by neighborhood stakeholders. It originated from the neighborhood’s Quality of Life planning process, where they identified the need for a quality high school. Our students and families along with residents in our community were ultimately the most important voices that led to our decision to open the high school.”

Andy Siebert, Executive Director of KIPP Indy Public Schools

Despite budget constraints, Pepper came alongside KIPP Indy to find creative ways of delivering their program within budget – even installing a collegiate wood floor and weight room. The school was able to use our technology to engage students in the project, giving them a preview of their new home before the first day of school.

“Pepper has been phenomenal when it comes to helping design a school specifically for our students, for our needs, with the core components of a school that we had in mind, making sure that it's not just a good space but students come in and feel happy and proud every single time they walk through the door. ”

David Spencer, School Leader, KIPP Indy Legacy High

David Spencer

David Spencer, Principal

The school’s neighbor and advocate, Edna Martin, donated the five-acre brownfield site on which the 56,000-square-foot building sits. The single-story pre-engineered metal building features a cafeteria, gymnasium and spacious classrooms to provide an optimal learning environment for the students.

For these students and this neighborhood, the 2019-2020 school year marks a major milestone. As the students claim their lockers and take their seats, we celebrate the new educational opportunities.