Annual Review 2019

Construction is a tangible sign of progress. For decades, people have watched our jobsites with excitement and talked about buildings in terms of what's next. Our work shapes skylines and brings communities together.

Construction is also a means for creating a healthier and more sustainable world. Studies link our environment to our health and performance, and because we spend more than 90% of our time indoors buildings are considered part of that environment.

Recent technology and material improvements are enabling us to shift our emphasis to consider how buildings impact human health and productivity, as well as our shared environment. Inspired by Paul Hawken's book, Drawdown, which synthesizes established practices and technologies for combatting pollution, we're prioritizing the impact our work has on people’s quality of life and the long-term lifecycle of the structures we build.

Our high performance and technology teams have collaborated on a set of scalable strategies that can be customized to address refrigeration, solar, insulation, water and other systems on each of our projects. This will not only enable healthier human experiences but will also improve the building's resiliency and long-term performance, delivering a much higher return on investment.

This year's annual review is dedicated to telling the stories of clients who share this commitment, like a Net Zero zoo that is installing its own rainwater treatment system, a healthcare provider that is leveraging a new healthy spaces certification process and a local union that is training the workforce of tomorrow.

You'll also read our own story of how we created a healthy, high-performing environment for our team in Ohio. We look forward to our new office soon earning WELL Silver Certification.

While today these stories stand out as forward-thinking, our hope is that soon they become the standard. We want our legacy to benefit the generations to come. We hope you'll join us – and use every project as an opportunity to see tomorrow transformed.

Stan Pepper

Stanley Pepper, Chairman and CEO, The Pepper Companies