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Pepper is committed to Ohio's future…and past


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What happens when a construction company is given an opportunity to create its own contemporary office space within a historic structure? Will they use the latest tools and technology to create the type of environment that they would build for their clients? Will it reflect their company culture and values and optimize employee health?

The Pepper team serving the Cincinnati region is about to find out – and we're confident that the answer to each question will be a resounding "yes."

Locking down space in Lockland

After considering several properties in and around Cincinnati, we have chosen to make the former Stearns & Foster Company building in Lockland, Ohio our newest Pepper-owned office.  

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With Pepper's prior experience on historic renovations, we are well suited to take on the challenges of working within a 110-year-old building. From understanding how to maximize the potential tax credits, restoring the building to its former glory and creating a healthy and collaborative environment for our team, we are well positioned to make this project a success.

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As part of the early evaluation and planning process, Pepper's Quality team examined the structure and exterior skin, identifying the work needed to restore this historic structure.  A thorough review of the exterior included flying our drone to inspect the brick work and other critical elements. In addition, our Technical Services team did a full 3D scan of the existing building providing the design team with valuable as-built information, improving the accuracy of the design and saving countless trips back to the building to verify conditions.

Can a renovation be both historic and high performing?

A primary component of Pepper's brand promise to see tomorrow transformed is to construct high-performing buildings that reduce carbon emissions and create a healthier world for people to live, work and play.

We intend to make the Lockland office the sustainable jewel in Pepper's real estate portfolio. Susan Heinking, a LEED Fellow and Pepper's Vice President of High Performance and Sustainable Construction, is excited to take on the opportunities and challenges that this project presents.

Pathways to certification and a net-zero building 

During a design charette to explore the high-performance and sustainable aspects of Pepper's newest office, emersion DESIGN took a unique approach to potential certification of the space by flipping the narrative. Click here to learn more about this approach and the sustainable elements being considered for the project.

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"We certainly know how to achieve high performance and sustainability by employing the drawdown solutions that we provide to our clients every day. In Lockland, we will need to push the parameters dictated by a historic building. How can we drive energy use as low as it can go? Is Net Zero achievable? Together with our design and trade partners, we intend to prove to ourselves and our clients that it is possible." 

Susan Heinking, LEED Fellow
Vice President of High Performance and Sustainable Construction, Pepper Construction Company
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"Once we found the Sterns & Foster property in Lockland," said Jerry Noble, Pepper's Vice President and Regional Director for Cincinnati, "we knew that we could 'walk the talk' in a space that reflects our company culture and brand aspirations to see tomorrow transformed. We'll have space to grow as a team in a healthy, open work environment that promotes collaboration, employee wellbeing and the environment. It's a triple win, and we couldn't be more excited about this opportunity."

Having Pepper join the community is also a turning point for Lockland. We are bringing at least 50 new jobs to a village that hasn't seen significant development in several years. In addition to revitalizing a vacant building and contributing to the workforce, we will be supporting local businesses and encouraging new growth.

Pepper is already working with the Lockland School District and we look forward to engaging with other existing and new companies that are drawn to the community by its spirit of renewal.

"Our newest office is so much more than a space in which Pepper can thrive," said Jerry. "By celebrating Lockland's past, we are joining them on a journey into the future that will benefit all of us."  

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