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Pepper restored the three-story historic John and Julia Robertson House in Barrington, built in 1898, to an elegant and highly functional cultural and community center.

  • Exterior of the house has been restored to its original grandeur, with the same roof lines
  • Kitchen was updated to support catering needs
  • Remodeled and expanded the third floor ballroom 
  • Original woodwork and wood floors, including the main stairway, were restored throughout 


Village of Barrington
JLK Johnson Lasky Kindelin Architects
Project Location
Barrington, Illinois
14,000 SF
Awards & Certifications

Project Stories

Using technology to replicate historic features

To replicate the building exterior, such as the height of the existing roof line, the team laser scanned the exterior of the building. They provided the information to the architect, engineers and the fabricator of the roof scissor truss system to incorporate the dimensions into the design.
Using technology on Barrington White House renovation