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This project was Franklin International's first journey with Pepper. It consisted of a 55,000-square-foot expansion to their existing 150,000-square-foot warehouse in Groveport, Ohio. Franklin International was established in 1935 and now manufactures adhesives and polymers for wood furniture, millwork, and engineered-lamination. The company is proud to serve over 60 countries and six continents across the world. 

Franklin International
Red Architecture & Planning
Project Location
Groveport, Ohio

Energy Efficient Savings

Pepper was able to present a cost savings opportunity to Franklin by replacing their exterior lighting wall packs to energy efficient, led lighting wall packs. In addition to the energy savings, this change will also save a significant amount in maintenance costs.

Putting the Client's Needs First

Another way Pepper was able to meet Franklin’s needs was using a one-part caulking product on half of the building that is produced by Franklin International, as opposed to the typical two-part urethane caulk used on the other half of the expansion. From this, Franklin will be able to see a side by side comparison of their own product at work versus the typical two-part caulk option produced by their competitors.

Innovation at Work

One challenge of the project was Franklin wanted all the controls for the loading docks to be in one, centralized location. Pepper was able to modify the controller box to meet this need despite the lack of wall space between the door openings.