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Building on a long-standing relationship with District 214, Pepper completed a number of projects at Prospect High School. The renovations include child development, common areas, second- and third-floor classrooms, science labs and a food lab. In addition, we built a 12,750-square-foot library addition, a 5,700-square-foot classroom addition and a 7,400-square-foot fine arts addition.

A new, mixed-use, 27,000 square-foot natatorium was also added to serve the needs of the school and its surrounding community. One of the key features of the pool is an ADA ramp that extends the entire length of the pool and curves into the shallow section. The mezzanine seats 500 visitors and provides a concession stand, while a lower area includes bathrooms, locker rooms, storage areas and offices for coaches.

In addition to the new pool and building addition, Pepper gave the school an entirely new parking lot with a new circle drive and front entrance.

Township High School District 214
STR Partners
Project Location
Mt. Prospect, Illinois
42,100 SF
Awards & Certifications
LEED Silver