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Design-build renovation of a 220,000-square-foot warehouse / assembly space, electrical service upgrades and installation of new plant air conditioning.  Scope includes addition of a covered unloading dock, minor office expansion, consolidation of equipment from two existing facilities and compressor and chemical storage rooms.

Stanley Black & Decker
JRA Architecture, LLC
Program Manager
CBRE, Inc.
Project Location
Greenfield, Indiana
Working with operations

When Stanley Black & Decker hired Pepper, they were concerned about how a construction project of this scale would impact so many different aspects of their operations. Our team began the process by performing an in-depth investigation of their operations to not only learn their processes, but also the type and quantity of materials stored within their warehouse, including acetone, glue and other adhesives. We knew that the quantity of materials stored affected the type of activities that could take place within certain areas of the warehouse and the type of system requirements that needed to be incorporated into the design.

Understanding code requirements

Pepper worked closely with Stanley Black & Decker to develop their process of material handling within their staple line, a compartmentalized area of the warehouse. We took into account the volume of materials allowed on each floor based upon activities being performed and worked with JRA Architecture to design and build individual rooms for chemical storage and mixing, separate from the production area. This kept material quantities in line with building code requirements and prevented the entire facility from being designated a hazardous occupancy, which would have resulted in costly system upgrades.

Humidity and temperature control

Pepper and JRA worked closely with Stanley's subject matter experts to determine the requirements for humidity and temperature control within the staple line to reduce the potential for rusting and ensure glue adhered properly. After learning Stanley Black & Decker’s QA/QC standards, the team designed and installed a humidity and temperature control air system that eliminated the need for separate, costly dehumidifiers.