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Planning for the unknowns in a landmark renovation

April 30, 2018Historic, Quality, Insights

Part two in a three-part series. Renovations require extra measures during planning, with a high attention to detail. Learn what's involved before the restoration starts.

Navigating the requirements of a landmark renovation

March 21, 2018Insights

Part 1 in a 3-part series. Landmarked buildings must be restored. As you make a decision about whether to proceed with a historic renovation, learn about the documentation requirements and how to manage costs.

Downing brothers' family extends to Pepper field team

February 27, 2018Indy 25th anniversary

Brothers Will and Richard Downing discuss their careers at Pepper for Fridays in the field.

Our challenge to be the rising tide

February 13, 2018Quality

In Indiana, we're motivated to raise the level of quality in our industry, starting with our own mindset. Through a series of training and program enhancements designed to empower our teams, we're seeking a new trajectory.

Recognizing how those in the field have helped build our success

February 2, 2018Indy 25th anniversary

Introducing Fridays in the Field - in celebration of Pepper Indiana's 25th anniversary.

Celebrating 25 years of relationships and growth

January 15, 2018At Pepper

As Pepper Indiana turns 25 years old, we're celebrating the drivers of our success - our people, our industry relationships and the communities in which we've enjoyed living and working. Throughout the year we'll share our stories and how they've contributed to where we're headed next.

The influence of one can help feed a community

January 3, 2018At Pepper

Pepper Ohio's commitment to feeding the hungry in central Ohio started with the compassion of just two people who heard about a need. Learn how our spirit of hospitality has grown exponentially over the years.

What if we could see underground utilities before we dig?

November 30, 2017Insights

What if we could see underground and avoid striking utilities? At Pepper, we're collaborating with our trade partners and using technology to expose the unknowns of digging.

Planning a Lean, IPD project?

November 17, 2017Insights

Lean, IPD projects produce better results, but they require a different approach for everyone. Learn how to set up your next project for success.