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Pepper served as construction manager for a defense contractor to perform a depot consolidation and campus improvement project. The project was divided into three separate phases, with each phase consisting of multiple, concurrently-running projects.

  • Phase 1 included the consolidation and relocation of equipment from two existing locations to the Indianapolis campus.
  • Phase 2 consisted of a chiller replacement that affected the majority of the client’s campus operations and required detailed coordination around occupied, sensitive spaces.
  • Phase 3 included a façade and entrance renovation to the main buildings.

Confidential Client
CSO Architects
Project Location
Indianapolis, Indiana
260,000 SF

Maintaining operations

With 24 individual projects affecting approximately 12 different departments, and often overlapping construction, the owner, Pepper and the design team focused on understanding the incoming operations and how they would impact existing campus operations. We placed key project team members on-site to streamline the scope determination process and talked directly with subject matter experts within the affected spaces to accelerate the design, budgeting and permitting process.

Being flexible

With only five months to prepare the Indianapolis campus for equipment and operations coming from two other states, Pepper used several best practices to adapt construction to the client’s needs without losing project momentum. Using our self-perform operations has increased flexibility for sequencing of construction activities and allowed the team to stay on schedule despite shifting priorities as the owner’s needs evolve. Work priorities changed on a daily basis and the versatility of our self-perform tradespeople enabled Pepper to easily and quickly reallocate project resources while maintaining cost efficiency.