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In the spring of 2014, Township High School District 214 developed a capital projects feasibility task force of administrators, educators and community members to develop a three-year capital improvement program in conjunction with updating their Health and Life safety plans. The goal was to maximize their investment and enhance the teaching and learning environment with additions and renovations to their facilities.

The resulting multi-location, multi-year program involves seven schools in the district, including Elk Grove High School, John Hersey High School, Prospect High School, Buffalo Grove High School, Rolling Meadows High School, Wheeling High School and the Forest View facility.

The Pepper team helped develop the overall program by considering logistics, cost and scheduling for each of their individual schools and projects. The entire process was very transparent with the community being involved throughout the progression.

The list below provides an overview of projects completed and planned for the three-year program:


Hersey High School: Two small additions, major library renovation, parking lot/crosswalk work, generator, security vestibules, roofing, tuckpointing

Elk Grove High School: Artificial Turf

Prospect High School: Theatre renovation including an orchestra pit lift (gala systems), commons renovation, bathroom renovation, security vestibules, roofing, tuckpointing

Rolling Meadows High School: Bus driveway

District-Wide Security Vestibules

District-Wide Site Electrical: EV Charging Stations, LED wall packs and parking lot lighting


Elk Grove High School: Theatre remodel, new gym addition, miscellaneous interior renovations, roofing, tuckpointing

Wheeling High School: New gym addition, music addition/renovation, pool renovation, library renovation, RTU replacement, ADA bleacher upgrade

Prospect High School (2015-2016): Natatorium addition, parking lot reconfiguration

District-Wide Hardscape Work: Removal of pavers for new concrete, asphalt patching/striping

District-Wide Security Film


Buffalo Grove High School: Music addition, concessions building renovation, Library renovation, ADA stadium access, roofing

Rolling Meadows High School: Concessions/Restroom facility, Black Box theatre addition, roofing, tuckpointing

Forest View Facility: Roofing

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