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To relocate about 2,500 employees downtown, our client needed to renovate 13 floors of office space within two existing buildings in a 15-phase move-in plan. The project started as infrastructure and a smaller finish design. As Pepper was finishing the infrastructure, our client underwent a cultural shift, which caused them to revamp the entire office design into an agile work environment. 

The project included new agile work environments, a lobby / reception area, conference rooms, defense operations space, career excellence center, restrooms and infrastructure upgrades. As the project design was updated, the company continued to add scope to Pepper's contract - extending our work by more than 16 months. The building became occupied as floors were completed, so Pepper was working in an occupied building for a majority of the project. 

Confidential Client
Program Manager
Faithful + Gould
Carson Design Associates
Project Location
Indianapolis, Indiana

Project Stories

Maintaining the budget

Following the project scope update for an agile work environment, Pepper worked with Faithful + Gould and Carson Design Associates to help our client work through the design and manage it to their budget. Working with the owner’s representative and design firm we proposed alternate solutions to achieve the look they wanted within their budget. The office itself is composed of multiple business units, so this process was done for each business unit simultaneously, resulting in multiple budgets.

Collaborative thinking

During construction, Pepper updated sequencing plans. With a focus on communication and collaboration, all parties understood revisions to the construction plans and how they would impact the client, which ultimately created smart decision-making.