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Located in Moraine, Ohio, this interior showroom buildout brings together state-of-the-art design, complex controls and beautiful craftsmanship - all highlighting Fuyao Glass America's world-class facility.

The project features 6,000 square feet of terrazzo flooring, raised display pads, custom millwork, stretch-fabric lighting, interactive kiosk displays and two video monitor-walls.  The showroom is also wired with multiple-zone lighting and audio controls that are easily controllable and programmable, allowing keynote speakers to give dynamic presentations.  A wet-bar with an espresso machine and modern seating area completes the showroom.

Fuyao Glass America is one of the largest automotive safety and industrial technology glass manufacturers in the world. The company was founded in China in 1987 and opened its first manufacturing plant in the United Sates in 2015. With multiple overseas shipment delays and a schedule that was accelerated mid-construction, Pepper made the necessary key decisions to have the facility ready when the client needed it - all while maintaining Pepper's high standards in quality and safety.

Fuyao Glass America
Project Location
Moraine, Ohio