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Hotel EMC2, an Autograph Collection Hotel in the Streeterville neighborhood, comfortably fits 22 stories and 195 rooms on a diminutive 60-foot-wide by 120-foot-deep site. The hotel includes a 120-seat contemporary American restaurant, the Albert. Ribbed glass panels partially conceal the 20-person chef’s tables and kitchen. In addition, the hotel includes a fitness room and a 2,000-square-foot meeting and event space that is dedicated to German mathematician Emmy Noether, which was highlighted in Scientific America.

The space features a double-height multi-functional lobby lounge and meeting place intended as an inviting neighborhood amenity, a third-story terrace and an agricultural green roof.

The project includes sub-surface construction and concrete shell. Pepper self-performed all concrete work, which utilized upturned beams to maximize the size of all hotel windows. The tower façade is a painted metal panel rainscreen that deploys a diagonally oriented, large-scale pattern to contrast the repetitive hotel room module. The façade at the base of the tower includes stainless steel panels in three colors that mimic isometric cube graphics, extending the building's diagonal beam structure exposed at the terrace.

SMASHotels Chicago, LLC
KOO and Associates
ECD Company
Project Location
Chicago, Illinois
150,000 SF

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