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Design-build construction of a 38,000-square-foot liftfan manufacturing facility within an existing warehouse, including 8,500 square feet of office space and installation of bridge crane systems. Work was performed for a confidential client that develops and manufactures equipment and systems for varying methods of transportation, including aeronautics, ground and sea, and frequently provides tours of their facility to clients of their own.

Confidential Client
JRA Architecture, LLC
Project Location
Indianapolis, Indiana

Material analysis

The finished lift-fan facility needed to not only operate efficiently, but also serve as a showroom for client tours – all within a very strict budget. Understanding that the floor would be a focal point within the room, Pepper evaluated different floor coating systems based upon cost, performance and appearance. We also involved our quality department to perform testing on how much moisture there was in the existing floor, as it would impact the floor coating’s adhesion. Once done, Pepper recommended a moisture mitigating sealer be laid down prior to an epoxy floor coating system to ensure proper adhesion and performance. When the budget didn’t allow for the moisture mitigating sealer the team decided to apply the floor coating without it and monitor its performance.

A cost-effective solution

Shortly after the project was completed, the owner reached out to Pepper after noticing a few issues with adhesion. Our team and quality department went back and reviewed its previous moisture testing and it was determined to apply the sealer in areas with the highest moisture concentration prior to re-laying the floor coating system. In the end, the owner was happy with the appearance and performance of the finished floor and facility and that it was completed within the established budget.