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Pepper Indiana has provided construction management, general contracting and design-build services to Indiana for 30 years. After more than 800 projects, our team has grown to 200+ employees, and we are ranked among the top 10 largest Indianapolis-area contractors by the IBJ. Our success is attributed to the dedication of our people and the partnerships we create with clients, design firms and trade partners – to improve the communities we serve. We are fortunate to work with companies and organizations that have a direct impact on the quality of life within Indiana, like BWI on multiple K-12 projects. 


Established in 2005, BWI Contractors  is one of Indianapolis' fastest-growing MBE firms. Focused on the education, healthcare and multi-family sectors, they have built a reputation for providing professional, customer-centric project management through the entire life-cycle of the project. In addition to design-build, general contracting and construction management services, they also self-perform electrical installation. Pepper and BWI have a lot in common, from the clients we share and the service we provide, to our commitment to quality and the environment, and to our passion for building a stronger, more diverse community. Explore BWI's website.


A Catalyst for Our Community

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We are excited about the opportunity your project presents - to reach diverse learners and to improve diversity within our construction community. Our diversity efforts will be led in partnership with MBE General Contractor BWI. Our team brings synergy from other successful projects, and we are eager to grow our collaboration with Matchbook Learning.

As we pursue our mission to improve quality of life through the built world, we feel a great responsibility to foster diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our organization and our industry. Our approach to maximize diversity participation goals is a people-first plan to push traditional boundaries. We don’t want to simply meet the project’s goals – we intend to exceed them, positively impacting people’s lives and the trajectory of our communities in the process. Learn more about Pepper's DEI commitment.

Through our team's partnership, we have averaged 30% XBE participation across all our projects for Indianapolis Public Schools!


In addition to XBE engagement, Anthony will work with you on initiatives that focus on student engagement and enhancement through the project. Programs range from site tours to full internships.

integrated construction services [ICS]

Unique, In-house Capabilities and Services

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Our approach begins by establishing an environment that encourages transparency, open communication and collaboration, where everyone on the team is each other’s advocate. We do this by involving the right people and listening to each others' ideas. When it comes to your project, our services are delivered under one plan, one model and one integrated team. Why? Over the years, we have learned that success depends not only on the services we offer but also in how they are delivered.

Our Integrated Construction Services are designed to augment the budgeting and planning process by thinking about all aspects of the project. With in-house experts in preconstruction, high performance/sustainability, MEPs, quality, safety and virtual design and construction, our team is able to problem-solve and develop creative solutions, to help you make informed decisions that go beyond first costs to lifecycle and total-cost-of-ownership and deliver high performing spaces that meets your needs.



The following project examples demonstrate how we apply our technology and ICS capabilities to problem solve and engage stakeholders. Click on the bars on the right-hand side of the image to view all the stories. After clicking into the story, click on the Back arrow at the top of the page to return to this page.


Focusing on a tight enclosure

thermal image

While all buildings leak air to an extent, our goal is to build the enclosure as tightly as possible to avoid the risks associated with air and moisture leakage. During preconstruction, we review the documents with the design team for continuity of the building enclosure control layers and assist with constructability input on the details. After the trades have been awarded and before they start work, we host a Building Enclosure Coordination meeting with all of the enclosure contractors to walk through sequencing, continuity and compatibility of critical details. We then meet with each contractor individually in a preinstallation meeting to review their submittals and trade-specific details. Once construction begins, we conduct bi-weekly site visits to observe the work in place and identify potential issues. Upon completion, we have the equipment and in-house expertise to use thermography to assess buildings, and we can also engage a third-party to conduct a whole-building air leakage test.


Preventing Underground Utility Strikes


Pepper’s underground utility damage prevention (UUDP) process locates and clearly documents the location of existing underground utilities and how they affect construction. This process adds surveying to the traditional potholing process and the development of a 3D model of both existing and new utilities for coordination. These visuals are then distributed in the field and used to execute construction activities. Our UUDP process provides more accurate, detailed plans, improves accuracy of the utility design, enhances coordination, prevents shutdowns from accidental utility strikes and serves as an accurate 3D as-built deliverable for future projects at the school.

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