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How often do tradespeople arrive on a jobsite, put in a hard day's work, then go home without knowing much – if anything – about the building they just worked on? Unfortunately, it's far too common in our industry. 

Over the years, project-specific safety orientations have become a key way for us to inform and empower trades as they start a project. It's an opportunity for us to share what the project is, our mission, requirements, safety concerns, if we're taking a unique approach to the job and anything else that could inform their work.

To take it a step further, Pepper recently created a project-specific video to be played at the onboarding for a new union headquarters and training center. The three-minute video introduces a brief history of the union and the influence the new facility will have on the industry's future. 

The response? They feel they've been given more insight that's enabled them to own the project even more because they feel connected to it.