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October 19, 2017
About Pepper

At Pepper, we care about results - from how we rank among our peers, to shortened schedules and cost savings, to quality metrics that outperform industry average. We even celebrate our people who start their careers with us and stay until retirement. This year, we commemorate another significant number: 90 years in business.

Since we were established in 1927, we’ve seen the industry go from primarily lump sum bid to embracing more collaborative delivery methods. We’ve become more scientific in our approach to materials and methods, and we’ve grown as a company along with the level of sophistication in the industry - with each generation and each new technology.

How we’ve performed over the years tells our clients what outcomes they can expect. But that’s not what makes us a great partner.

Though our work has changed, we’ve remained true to our values. Since Pepper was founded, our drive to take the right approach – to see things from our client’s perspective – has placed us on the right path. It’s allowed us to participate in and create some amazing and memorable results.

As we open our archives to reflect on our history, we don’t just recount the milestone statistics and dates. Instead, our memories are founded in the relationships and stories behind the numbers. This year, we’ll be sharing some of our favorites.

Relationships are what drove Stanley F. Pepper to start our company 90 years ago and what grew our business under the direction of Richard and Roxy Pepper. And it’s still our motivation today. Though far from complete, our story would not be what it is without the contributions of everyone with whom we’ve worked. To our current and former teams, current and past clients, partners and community organizations, thank you. Here’s to 90 more years in the making!

About the Author

Stan Pepper, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Pepper Companies

Stan PepperChairman and CEO, The Pepper Companies

As chairman and chief executive officer of The Pepper Companies, Stan is responsible for setting the strategic direction and overall resource management. Stan began working at the company in the field at the age of 15, and quickly rose through the ranks while working in many areas across the organization such as carpentry, marketing and project management along the way. At age 32, Stan became president of Pepper Construction Company.

Stan also worked in private equity, consulting, software development and sustainable products, gaining a broader perspective and additional leadership experience in the industry. In 2015, Stan returned to The Pepper Companies with a management philosophy that has been greatly influenced by his diverse industry experiences as well as by his father, Richard, and his grandfathers, Pepper founder Stanley F. Pepper and Dr. Roscoe Miller, former president of Northwestern University. Stan’s leadership style is routed in serving those he leads, with particular emphasis on capitalizing on new technologies and creating an environment that encourages a multi-generational team approach.

A leading voice supporting innovation in the construction industry. Stan is an Executive Committee member at his alma mater, Monmouth College.