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Located in Purdue University's Discovery Park, the nanotechnology research building consists of three levels and includes 40,000 square feet of general laboratory space, 27 air handling units, low vibration rooms for nanostructure research with temperature control to less than 1ºC and an elevated walkway that connects to the adjacent Bindley Biosciences Center. 

Designed to foster collaboration between multiple science departments, the Birck Nanotechnology Center houses six types of labs: 

  • Cleanrooms – The fabrication cleanroom provides a particle-free environment for constructing micro- and nano-scale devices. The biological/pharmaceutical cleanroom supports biological nanotechnology in a sterile environment. The fabrication and biological/pharmaceutical cleanrooms are for nano-bio research.
  • Chemistry and biology – Labs facilitate handling, preparing and process experimental materials and apparatus for nanoscale chemistry and biology research. 
  • Expitaxy – Labs for growing crystals one atomic layer at a time, for construction of new materials. 
  • Metrology – Labs for precise measurement of nanoscale materials and devices.  
  • Instructional – Labs for nanotechnology training. 
  • Incubator – Lab dedicated to supporting and conducting technology transfer into new products. 
Purdue University
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West Lafayette, Indiana
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