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The renovation included total demolition and reconstruction of all office areas, doubling of the existing food service facilities, upgraded/renovated dining and servery space, reconstruction of the existing front entrance/main lobby, conference and meeting areas and newly constructed executive suites including the executive board room. The office space supports more than 2,000 employees. 

High performance

Whirlpool's high performance building saves more than 147,000 gallons of interior water and 16,000 million BTUs of energy annually. The building uses 37 percent less energy than the ASHRE 90.1-2007 standard and is estimated to save $378,134 per year. Additionally, Whirlpool invested in their community by using local subcontractors, increasing employee well-being by providing access to natural day light, and impacting alternative transportation by installing electric charging stations. In keeping with Whirlpool's goals, Pepper Construction put our insights to work, finding ways to obtain the highest LEED certification possible for Whirlpool's investment. As a result, the project earned 14 LEED points including Exemplary Points for diverting 95 percent of the demolition and construction waste from landfills. That translates to 15,000 tons of recycled or reused materials!


Whirlpool Corporation
Epstein Global
Project Location
Benton Harbor, Michigan
220,000 SF
Awards & Certifications