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Modeling the way for students

January 22, 2016At Pepper

"Your future is whatever you make it." The same is true for us in construction. BIM Manager Mike Alder shares how he is helping to shape the future of construction through the next generation.

Making safety first in Ohio

January 20, 2016At Pepper

Following an award-winning 2015, Pepper Ohio's safety program is raising the bar for other construction companies in Ohio to follow. And we're raising the bar for ourselves too, through higher standards and transparent reporting.

A spirit of giving

December 23, 2015At Pepper

At Pepper, the greatest joy of the season is the opportunity to share with others.

Speed to market - Tips for success on schedule-driven projects

December 22, 2015Insights

Clients have grown to expect accelerated schedules, while manufacturers have increased material lead times. For interiors construction, where projects are already short, coordinated planning and management is the key to achieving speed to market in construction. 

Better coordination through collaboration 

November 6, 2015Case Studies

The Palos Community Hospital backfill project was designed to modernize the 1970s facility and make it more efficient by bringing outpatient services closer to the front door. Challenges were met through lean principles, technology and an integrated team approach.

Helping improve literacy in Indianapolis

October 29, 2015At Pepper

Earlier this week, Indy Reads held its ninth annual Spelling Bee, one of the organization's primary fundraising events. Watch the video to learn more about Indy Reads and how Pepper placed in the Spelling Bee. 

Paying it forward

October 23, 2015At Pepper

Pepper partnered with RATIO Architects to host a Starfish Initiative Workplace Encounter. Through the program, we work with 21st Century Scholars to prepare them for college and their careers.

3 building components that impact performance

October 21, 2015Insights

Developers are driven by return on investment, balancing costs that keep lease rates low with features that attract the best tenants. At Pepper, we’re evaluating different materials and methods to help our clients make informed decisions that give them a competitive edge.

What is high performance?

October 19, 2015Insights

Pepper Construction has long embraced green building values and practices. Sustainability is much more than the activities we implement during one project. It's about how the building performs after we're gone and how the building impacts human performance.