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10 safety innovations from the past decade

OSHA reports that fatal injuries have been reduced since the organization was formed. Here are 10 safety innovations that are contributing to better results. 

March 3, 2021
Ohio 10th anniversary, Safety

Improving the air we breathe

After COVID-19, how can we improve the health of our indoor environments? In this white paper, we share our research about the factors that affect indoor air quality and summarize considerations based on the type of mechanical system.

February 18, 2021
High performance & sustainability

A voice amplified

Meeting diversity goals is difficult if XBE partners don't qualify for our construction projects. How can we help minority partners overcome challenges answering pre-qualification and bid questions?

January 26, 2021

7 tips for communicating when wearing a face mask

Masks have made us all hard of hearing these days. How can we overcome this physical barrier and ensure our message is getting through?

December 2, 2020

Roadmap to a healthier, high performance workplace

Pepper's recent Visionaries program discussed how we can improve the health and performance of our buildings and those who occupy them. This post provides a summary of the key take-aways and video clips from the virtual event.

November 24, 2020
High performance & sustainability, Visionaries

Future in Focus: Transforming Pepper's tomorrow

The conclusion to Pepper's Future in Focus series, Shannan Ghera interviews Jake Pepper about his perspective on how the company has weathered the challenges of 2020 and the future of the company and the construction industry.

November 6, 2020
Future In Focus

Highland District Hospital’s new beginning

We're excite to complete the Highland District Hospital expansion project because of what it mean to the local community. The hospital administration is grateful for how the community has supported them.

October 2, 2020

COVID-19 impact on K-12 construction in the Midwest and beyond

How have students, parents and educators managed the return to school, and how well are the facilities able to support the future of learning? In this article, we share our own team's personal concerns and level of satisfaction with the educational experience, as well as discuss how schools are adapting their facilities in response to COVID-19.

September 29, 2020
Education, Future In Focus

AGC ConstructorCast Episode: The most innovative contractors in the industry

What does the future of innovation hold for construction? Learn about the innovation behind three award-winning technologies.

August 25, 2020
High performance & sustainability, Emerging technology

The Best Casino Contractors in the U.S

<p><span><span>Casinos are now known for creating complete entertainment experiences for guests. Between restaurants, retail stores, nightclubs and spas, casinos have become somewhere both gaming and non-gaming guests can visit and enjoy.

August 12, 2020

Future in Focus: Improving workplace health and sustainability

Prior to the pandemic, offices were about creating a culture of collaboration. While collaboration remains a top priority, we're seeing employees' health and well-being take center stage, now more than ever.

August 11, 2020
Workplace, Future In Focus

10 trends changing the post-COVID-19 workplace environment

How we work today is changing our workplace environment. How will that affect future construction projects? Building on a popular post from a few years ago, we've identified some new trends that will drive the office environment of the future.

August 2, 2020