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7 Tips for Implementing Lean Construction in the Field

October 29, 2018At Pepper

Could the field be the key to converting more people to Lean Construction? In our presentation on Field-led Lean Construction - the Key to Unlocking Conversion in Our Industry at 2018 LCI Congress, one team shares how they went from no experience to all-in.

Creating Space for Creativity

October 19, 2018K-12, Cary-Grove High School, Illinois, Performing Arts

Pepper believes that every project we build has a special purpose and a unique opportunity to impact the lives of the people who live, work and play in those spaces. In 2015, Pepper built a new 27,000-square-foot auditorium for Cary-Grove High School. Jamie Fletcher, a recent Pepper marketing intern, and Cary-Grove graduate recalls the impact that this auditorium had on the lives of her and other students in the music department.

The Cycle of Waste at Pepper

September 21, 2018

Pepper goes well beyond a city of Chicago ordinance and recycles an average 90% of construction waste on every project. But, where does all that waste go? Click here to find out step by step what happens to the waste from our job sites.

Celebrating the past and envisioning the future

September 5, 2018Indy 25th anniversary, High Performance, Community Involvement, Virtual construction

After establishing ourselves for our commitment to safety, innovation, quality and lean practices, Pepper Construction will emphasize high performance building, technology and community outreach moving forward.

Building Pepper Indiana from the ground up

August 28, 2018Healthcare, Industrial, manufacturing, retail, Higher Education, Interiors

Over its 25 years, Pepper Construction of Indiana has become an expert in healthcare, retail, higher education, industrial and manufacturing, and commercial office and interior construction projects.

Building a community throughout the years

July 24, 2018At Pepper

The city of Indianapolis has played a major role in Pepper's growth in Indiana over the last 25 years. Many of our projects have had an impact on the community.

Evolving how we self perform to improve quality

June 27, 2018At Pepper

There are many reasons to self perform work. At Pepper Indiana, our emphasis on quality construction drives us to continually evolve our program.

Decades of industry through the eyes of Al Shambery

May 31, 2018Indy 25th anniversary

A candid conversation with Al Shambery about his career at Pepper and the pride in his work.

Maintaining landmark integrity during a renovation

May 15, 2018Insights

Part 3 in a 3-part series about historic renovations. Before starting a historic renovation, it's important to understand the construction complexities of design decisions.